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MRS System

Innovation and Quality from Poland to the World

Beginnings with Vision
Founded in 2018, MRS quickly gained recognition as a Polish brand with a global reach, distinguished by innovation and commitment to improving the quality of life of its customers. Under the wings of the excellent company Kaps, MRS developed its products with active people in mind who care about their health and the good condition of their bodies.

MRS Mission: Health and Regeneration for Everyone
MRS was created out of the desire to provide products that not only support health and regeneration, but also make daily care a real pleasure. Offering products rich in magnesium, MRS focuses on natural and effective solutions for active people, athletes and anyone looking for natural methods to improve their well-being.

Polish Quality at World Level
As a Polish brand, MRS is proud of its heritage while constantly expanding its horizons to reach customers around the world. Each MRS product is the result of careful research and advanced technology, which guarantees the highest quality and effectiveness.

Brand Philosophy: Closeness to Nature and Science
At MRS, we believe that the key to good health and well-being is harmony between nature and science. That's why our products, such as magnesium flakes and magnesium oil, are developed with the greatest care to ensure safety, effectiveness and naturalness.

Global Vision, Individual Approach

Although MRS has a global reach, each client is unique to us. We make sure that our products meet the individual needs of our customers, regardless of where they are located. Our goal is to provide solutions that help with everyday regeneration, relaxation and health care.

The future of MRS: Innovation and Development
At MRS, we constantly strive to innovate and develop to ensure that our products are always one step ahead of our customers' needs. The brand's vision is to constantly search for new, even better ways to support health and well-being, which makes us a leader in the field of natural regenerative products.

Kaps sp. z o.o.

Championship in Footwear Care and Comfort since 1995.

Based in picturesque Rzezawa, in the heart of Małopolska, Kaps sp. z o.o. has been a synonym for three decades perfection in the field of cosmetics for the care, impregnation and cleaning of shoes. 

But it is not everything. 
We are also proud to develop production lines insoles, laces, polishes and other specialized cosmetics, and we also supply professional shoemaking accessories 

With a huge assortment of over 7,000 index, we demonstrate our constant passion and commitment to providing the highest quality products.

As a Polish family company with deeply rooted values, Kaps is constantly dedicated to creating products that combine the tradition of craftsmanship with modern technologies. Paying attention to every detail and approaching every stage of production with commitment, Kaps proudly creates products based on natural ingredients.

Caring for the environment is not just a fashionable slogan, but real action and responsibility, which is reflected in every product with the KapsSupported by a team of over 200 qualified employees and a number of prestigious awards proving the high quality of products, Kaps is a guarantee of excellence for all who value the impeccable appearance, durability and comfort of wearing their footwear.

Thanks to consistent work and reliable products, Kaps has gained recognition not only in Poland, but also internationallyexporting its products to over 50 countries.This is proof of the global recognition and trust that the brand enjoys.

If you are looking for an undisputed leader in the field of footwear care and related accessories, who passionately combines tradition with innovation, Kaps sp. z o.o. is your obvious choice. 

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